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Billy Norrby: Painting Demonstration
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Melissa Gay
- Dreams of Earth, Dreams of Space

My soul is two-sided. Welcome to my two-sided booth! I am a multiple award winning Imaginative Realist artist, and yet there is something within me that chafes against the confines of Realism. In order to be happy and whole, sometimes I have to cast it off entirely and explore the abstract spaces my psyche yearns for. I have to forget all the rules and paint from my guts, from my subconscious, from my dreams. These are my Dreams of Space. But I cannot give up Realism entirely! Abstract painting on its own doesn’t satisfy me. I am forever a seeker, needing to explore folklore, nature, and ultimately, what it means to be human. I have to be true to myself, to explore the art that interests me, and YOU get to see it all!

A former scientific illustrator, I am constantly seeking the perfect balance between precision and haze to better engage the imagination of my viewer. Concepts I am driven to explore are Sacred Space and boundaries between worlds. Recurring themes in my work are flying things that should not fly (whales, sheep, pirate ships), dreamlike visions of deep space, and otherworldly moments in earthly settings. I create my art as an act of love, but also as an act of defiance against my own depression, against all the injustices that would keep me down. My art is an invitation into my worlds and a wish for my viewer to soar, to be kind to themselves, to find their magic!

I'm Accepting Commissions!
For any commission or communication, please email me at [email protected]

Original Paintings -- I have only a very limited number of commission slots for original paintings open through the end of the year. I will try to keep this space updated for when they run out. If you would like to reserve one, please specify Imaginative Realist style or Space Painting style. (Unless you would like a toned paper drawing of a raven. I will always do a toned paper drawing of a raven!)

Hand-Embellished Prints-- I can order and hand-embellish a canvas print or watercolor paper print of any item here or on my website, any size, price dependent on size and level of embellishment. Please specify what you'd like, and we'll talk! :)

Request Commission!

Your Booth Image
Melissa Gay
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