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Billy Norrby: Painting Demonstration
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Daria Aksenova
Daria Aksenova creates inked, suspended, and hand-cut paper narrative shadowboxes. She seeks to achieve cinematographic storytelling through constructed dynamism - arising from layering and complex composition - within a static media. Inspired by her experience with the fashion and film industries, she echoes the symbolism found in mythology and folklore.   

I'm Accepting Commissions!

I prefer to work in a standard to my work square format but am also able to create a custom piece any shape or size with prices starting at $1250. The turnaround for each piece is heavily dependent on its size. For a custom quote, please email your inquiry to Daria Aksenova at [email protected]

For further examples of my work please visit DariaAksenova.com

Request Commission!

Daria Aksenova - Artist Introduction
“ 狐拳” (Kitsune-Ken)
“Русалка” (Rusalka)