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Lisa Sprite Hansen
Lisa "Sprite" Hansen is a self-taught mixed-media fantasy sculptor, illustrator and creature creator from New York. 

Her creations are otherworldly, organic and form intuitively. She is greatly inspired by animals and nature; all of its beauty, the textures, magic and the hidden fantastical creatures that live within. She combines these elements to bring the mysterious world that resides in her head and heart to light.

“The Broken Planet” is a lost, futuristic version of ours. Most of the beings that reside there are hybrids re-born from remnants and fragments of what remained after we nearly destroyed everything.

Some of her creature sculptures are independant worlds in of themselves but there are also dragons and fae that live there as well. It's through a combination of mediums that she is able to tell their stories.
Her work has been in various galleries across the U.S. and featured in major publications including Infected by Art (Volumes 5 through 8), Art Doll Quarterly, Tiny Dragons, and ImagineFX Magazine.