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Jon Sideriadis
Jon Sideriadis is an award-winning author, illustrator, and professor. He is also the Art Director of the Spartan Museum of America. His specialty is fantasy art and storytelling. He teaches Illustration, Drawing, Concept Art, and World Building at the University of New Haven as the illustration program coordinator.
His work has been published in films, novels, comics, and in the gaming industry. He has worked in Hollywood as a creature-effects artist and sculptor on Godzilla, Underworld, and Silent Hill. His original illustrated mythology book, Astromythos, was recently published by The Art Order, and will be available for purchase this winter.
His work is displayed in solo and group shows throughout the country, and he is internationally acclaimed in the illustration field. He is often invited as a Guest of Honor to illustration conventions, and exhibits work with the finest fantasy illustrators in the business. He received his bachelor’s degree in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, and his master’s at the Hartford Art School’s Illustration MFA Program.

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