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Eric Velhagen

In 2021, the Norman Rockwell Museum will be hosting a fantasy illustration retrospective exhibit (“Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Art”) that will showcase an amazing collection of artwork that dates back from the Middle Ages, the Golden Age, to the present.  Many of the Artists that are presented in the Show are historical icons.  Eric is incredibly humbled and honored that two of his paintings will be included.


Eric’s largest assignment to date was illustrating the GRRM 2018 Game of Thrones Calendar.  Shortly after this assignment, Mr. Martin invited Eric to have a One-Man Show (his first) at the Jean Cocteau Cinema located in Santa Fe, NM.


Eric’s work appears in fantasy art books like Spectrum and Infected by Art Annuals, as well as “How-to” magazines, Magic the Gathering and numerous galleries across the US. A few of the galleries are: Nucleus (California), Abend (Colorado), Haven (New York), Jonathan Levine (New

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