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Rob Rey

Art of the Cosmic Perspective to help make science a more meaningful part of our lives!

Cosmic perspective is seeing ourselves humbled within a grand and awe-inspiring cosmos. It’s a psychological shift that results from making an effort to comprehend the vast scale and complexity of the cosmos.

Cosmic Perspective provides a new and inspiring scientific story of humanity united by our shared atomic origins in stardust. It provides a sense of kinship with all life on earth in our shared genetic evolution over four billion years of development. It provides hope in our capacity to reason, to understand the cosmos of which we are part, and to solve the problems we face. It necessitates cooperation to preserve and cherish our tiny planet, the only livable place we know to exist.

We humans live our lives by stories in one form or another. Rob’s art is created to be a visual illustration and reminder of this grand perspective, that we might all live more inspired, empathic lives, while innovating a more sustainable way of living.

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The Face of Cassini
The Face of Blue Bower
Blue Bower - Full Painting
Brooding Mermaid
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Rob Rey
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