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Milivoj Ceran

Professional artist since 2002. Work in traditional media. Live in Zaprešić, Croatia.

He is well known for Magic the Gathering art, but also for his personal project: "Norse Mythology art book", which was succesfully funded in 2017, in cooperation with Jon Schindehette/Art Order.

Some clients: - Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering, D&D)
- Blizzard Entertainment (Hearthstone, WOW)
- Sideshow Collectibles 
- Paizo 
- Cryptozoic Entertainment,
- Upper Deck Entertainment

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I am open for commissions inside my imaginery such as norse mythology, high fantasy, mystic/symbolism, Magic the Gathering, medieval, armors, Tolkien, or fantastic landscapes, but also pop-culture characters like star wars, alien/terminator/predator, superheroes etc.
My focus is on making full detailed artworks, especially artworks with borders/knotworks around the image.

I'll be open for commissions after January 2021. Please contact me here, or at [email protected] for commission options, preferences and pricing.

Thank you

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