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Sheila Rayyan
My main gig is making pottery. Mugs, dishes, bowls, cups, boxes, bells, and other assorted functional and decorative items. If you've been to any Illuxcons in the past, you've most likely seen my work walking around in peoples' hands, everyone with happy smiles on their faces. Why are they smiling? I've been told my mugs and cups make all beverages taste even better. I guess that's why they're smiling. ;)
Lately I've also started making block printed pouches, designing woven blankets, and my most favorite thing: bandanas! I enjoy playing with intricate patterns and interweaving them with all sorts of critters: horses, cats, bunnies and ooh yes, monsters. Love them silly little monsters.

Please visit my website/shop to see all my latest offerings, and if you wish you can sign up for my newsletter to be first in the know when a new batch of work is about to be released. www.sheilarayyan.com