An Evening with Greg Staples
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Billy Norrby: Painting Demonstration
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J. Corsentino
Photographer and Photoshop artist, dedicated to urban fantasy and re-evaluations of mythological stories in the modern age. The art here is all part of an original universe, a retelling of Faeries and their origins and chaotic musings in our modern world. Angels, Vampires, Faeries, Sirens, technology its all FAERIE-PUNK.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
You need book art, or are you an illustrator needing model refrences from models who know how to emote and pose. Then I can shoot refrence photos and direct what you need to get that extra pop of detail. Need outfits we can arrange wardrobe possibilities and work with your budget. Inquire within at [email protected]

Request Commission!

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