Ed Binkley: Complex Images - Using Renaissance Principles to Control Complex Compositions
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An Evening with Dave Gibbons
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Carolina Lebar
Booth Time with Artist Carolina Lebar
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
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Adam S Doyle

*Check back again soon. More work added regularly*

I'm an artist and illustrator with a love for genre as well as exploring my own world. My paintings move fluidly between imagined futures, mythological pasts, and personal dreamlands. My work exhibits locally and in galleries abroad, having lived for a time in Rome, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. My lifelong love of literature has led to creating over two dozen book covers (so far).

Artistically speaking, my work is fueled by a love for the human mark. Since our ancestors smeared pigment on cave walls in the shape of wildlife millennia ago, humanity’s legacy of asserting our existence is something built into being human. Nature and wildlife are constant sources of inspiration. Art as activism is also an essential role to play in society.

Currently busy with projects, however may be open to private commissions in the future. 

Preview: In Conversation - Tattoos
Android:Netrunner Illustrations
Genre & Originality (preview)
In Conversation: Genre & Originality