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Steve Ellis

“ I’m passionate about the art i make, the stories I tell and about spreading the art of visual storytelling  to more people. I am always looking for opportunities to mentor and lead students through their individual struggles and help make them to best artists they can be.”

Steve Ellis 

I’m a comic artist, writer and illustrator. One of my main focuses is storytelling and bringing humanity to my images. I create work that is meant to uplift the human spirit and tell stories of struggles and challenges in fantasy or science fiction settings. 

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I am currently looking to do commisions.  As you can see from my work I have a variety of processes.I would be most interested in creating paintings and ink/tonal work.

I am also happy to do work on proofs for art I've created for Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft, Ido ink drawings and paintings on those as well. 

Please see my website for samples of the kind of work I do. Price really varies by scale and medium. I follow a "by the square inch" painting philosophy when it comes to commisions. For paintings, I charge approximately $10-15 per square inch depending on complexity. For Ink Drawings $5 per square inch and for Tonal Drawings, $8.  If the piece is something I can really sink my teeth into, I'm happy to work out a price. 

For Magic(MTG)  and WOW proofs, I charge $50(plus the price of the proof) for a sketch, $100 for a headshot painting and $150 for a full body. 

For original reproductions of digital pieces from card games I charge 2x the original payment of the card. (Ex MTG cards would be $2000)

Thank you for considering my work and I hope to hear from you soon! 

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