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Odera Igbokwe
Odera Igbokwe is an illustrator and painter located in Vancouver, BC by way of Brooklyn, NY. Odera loves to explore storytelling through Afro-diasporic mythologies, Black resilience, and magical girl transformation sequences. Their work alchemizes color, movement, and queer magic to weave together ancient narratives with Afrofuturist visions. As a freelance illustrator, Odera works with clients and galleries to create work that is deeply personal, soulful, and intersectional.

The centerpiece of Odera's artwork is "Dance of the Summoner" which is a collection of paintings that explores spirituality from the African Diaspora. This work is a celebration of the fullness of self, the power to envision, and Fantasy as a gateway to healing from collective and generational traumas.

I'm Accepting Commissions!