An Evening with Greg Staples
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Billy Norrby: Painting Demonstration
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Sasha Jones
I'm an independent artist living and creating work in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM.

I make paintings in awe of nature, queerness, and the ethereal,  seeking to create empathy through beauty.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I take on a limited number of commissions.

For traditional commissions, I only take on pieces that match the style and tone of my more recent work; see my Liminal Forms or Ether series for examples of the work that I love doing!

If you're looking for my older (more illustration-leaning) body of work, I have a digital commissions page. I am only accepting one more digital commission in my schedule for 2020.

In either case, reach out via email ([email protected]) to inquire.

Request Commission!

Sasha Jones Photograph
Sasha Jones
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