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Michael Kucharski
Welcome! I’m offering Pre-Raphaelite-ish original paintings and drawings of Ancient Gods, Faeries and Princesses, Knights and Warriors, Mythological and Mundane Animals and Magician and Shamans. Also Watercolor prints of authors and TV/Movie heroes. Why I do I create art? Because I can. Because I must. Once I tried to walk away from doing artwork--I only stayed away for a year--never again. In the creative process I lose myself to the world of making and finishing my art. I was nine years old when I discovered The Story of King Arthur in a small public library. The stories and images of heroic knights and ladies captured my imagination as did the storytelling and colorful heroic characters from comic books found in the local corner drugstore. When I make heroic art as commissions, and other pieces done for myself I remember the joys of youth while applying the analytical mind of an adult. The end result is often an "Oh, yea" moment as viewers recognize and become insiders to the joy. As a kid, I spent nine months out of the year drawing, and the summer months running through Michigan’s northern woods. I won a regional drawing contest when I was ten, sold my first pen and ink drawings at auction when I was sixteen. Later I discovered that I don't draw fast enough to make a living drawing comics. As a mature artist, I s-l-o-w-l-y fill my illustrations with nature and detail and symbolism.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Let’s start our discussion about the art you envision and I can create for you by filling out the form below or by using the Contact Us page in my website, kucharskiart.com.

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