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Carolina Lebar


- Style -
I create highly detailed pencil illustrations and paintings which explore nature’s unintentional influence on humanity’s past civilizations and the subsequent creation of mythologies, beliefs, and lore. I’m truly fascinated by how human’s basic fear of the dark, including death, influenced different civilizations. From this captivation, my art expresses a quiet soliloquy, evoking a natural empathy by virtue of viewing my juxtaposition between humanity’s past fears with modern angst.

The fantasy pieces I create echo beliefs and lore and explore their human connections to nature. A new human connection is formed by tying past and present within a gathering of feather, fur, fins, symbolism, and feminine beauty. In 2020, I’m additionally starting to explore the path of dark art to embrace the fear of death and macabre to release fear and find the beauty in death.

- Technique -
After intense research and composition sketches, the delicate artwork begins with pencil, creating fine, beautiful details. Layers of pencil and graphite then create depth in the illustration. For a painted piece, the addition of acrylic paint or oil paint completes my vision.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
For commission requests, please email [email protected] and let's talk!

Sketches start at $75
8x10 paintings start at $500
11x14 paintings start at $700
Free shipping included on paintings!

Request Commission!