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Kat Lunoe
Greetings, thank you for stopping in! I'm Kat, an oil painter & illustrator who loves working with color, symbolism, and portraiture. My artistic influences include classical realism (particularly turn-of-the-century Russian realism), surrealism, visionary art, spiritual iconography & esoterica, architecture & design, as well as many kinds of illustration genres.

Before I took up painting I got a degree in psychology, and my approach to painting became influenced by a deep interest in the work of Carl Jung. In addition, I'm inspired by subjects such as mythology, spirituality, science fiction & fantasy, as well as various symbolic systems such as Tarot. (One of my long term goals is to paint a Tarot deck!) Aside from painting and drawing, my joys are traveling, taking lots of pictures, hiking, meditating, geeking out over Doctor Who, and serving feline overlords.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I've completed a number of heavily researched commissions involving symbolism and deities from various traditions; this has become something of a specialty and I'm always happy to take on new commissions along these lines. I'm also in the process of getting deeper into science fiction art and portraiture, and so commissions along those lines are very much welcome too.

Rates and time frames are highly dependent on size and complexity of the piece. If you're interested, please inquire and I'll be very happy to discuss with you your commission ideas and desires!

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