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Michael Reber
I'm an Illustrator and Storyboard artist working out of Atlanta, Georgia creating book covers, card art and storyboard sequences for film. Here you will find prints and original paintings for sale as well as some of my animatics. I hope you enjoy the stories and feel free to message me for commissions!

I'm Accepting Commissions!
If interested in commissioning your own artwork send me a message through Illuxcon or email [email protected] Let me know what your project is, such as the type of artwork and where this will be displayed or distributed if for commercial use, what your budget for the project, and we'll go from there. I look forward to creating some awesome art with you!

Request Commission!

Fireball- Critical Role animatic
Cursed Expedition- original animatic
The Legendary Cupcake- Critical Role animatic
A Favor in Kind- Critical Role animatic