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Sol Sims

Atlanta, GA. USA
Working in both traditional and digital mediums.

From the Artist…
My “process”, simply put, is to use whatever resources are in my tool box. Whatever is needed to complete the vision. As an artist, I tend to work by a general guiding rule of, “There Are No Rules”.
My works are heavily influenced by my love of portrait and nature photography, as well as cinema. The process may start with a simple thumbnail drawing, or may involve a complete photo session. Wherever inspirations takes me.
As for the “tools” in my toolbox. Of late, I have been reconnecting to my roots of traditional mediums, including Oils and Acrylics. But most of the works presented here are created working almost exclusively with my iPad Pro, and the Apple Pencil. These basic tools allow me to draw and paint large works, anywhere, anytime. I will also incorporate desktop softwares such as Painter and Photoshop. If I feel they can add to the completion of my vision, then There Are No Rules.
Most titles are available as Limited Edition Wall Art. Printed Giclee on canvas, mounted to hardboard. Hand-embellished, with pigmented and clear acrylic mediums, to it's final completion. It’s then documented, numbered and signed as a final ‘Limited Edition’ Wall Art.

Thank you. Enjoy!

Deep Blue
$1,100.00   $1,000.00
Dolphin Dance
Color Lines
$1,500.00   $1,400.00

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Call for Details. 404-402-9315

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