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So  Klesen

Hi all!
I will update my booth every week with new available small originals. I started with bookmarks and star ornaments. Pencil cases, boxes etc are coming next :)

You will see that there is a trend in my gallery, a lot of russian хохлома (khokhloma) patterns that I totally adore and I hope you'll like them as much as I do ❤️
But there will be different designs in the upcoming weeks so everyone should find something in there I hope! 🤞

SoMK spent several years at the creative end of the advertising business, and accidentally ended up as a teacher of programming languages for the computer industry. In 2001, blissfully unaware, she embarked on a full-time artistic career, becoming a painter, sculptor and jewelry maker! 
Her love of precision, blown up deadlines, details and hard work, and the proven 'recipes' that she has rediscovered and incorporated in her work, shine through the simplicity and patience involved in creating the traditional technique of illumination. Be it in jewelry or illustration, SoMK draws her inspiration from a variety of sources - a combination of nature, history, fantasy, scienc

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I am always interested to hear about projects of embellishments of any kind, be them backs of cards, illuminated borders, for games or for books, etc.. Don't hesitate to contact me!

Request Commission!