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Kelly McKernan

With every brush stroke, I hold my breath. I am ruminating with my subconscious self. The gravity of grief, the tender tokens of motherhood, and the sublime ecstasy of creation are all suspended and gently examined. In this liminal space, I find meaning and purpose in my reality. 

I have been an independent artist since 2009, when I graduated with a B.F.A. from Kennesaw State University in Georgia. For several years, my artwork had primarily been created for galleries and the occasional illustration gig. Meanwhile, I developed an active social media following, which allowed me to sell my artwork online and garner a worldwide audience. In 2012, upon moving to Nashville, Tennessee, I was able to pursue my work full time. In addition to gallery and online sales of my artwork, I have taught with several workshops, designed and illustrated a card game via Kickstarter, and traveled across the United States participating in comic cons and events. 

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I'm Accepting Commissions!
I am accepting commissions with a 6-8 month wait. Please inquire about how to join the wait list and the commission process.

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