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Susan Shorter

Susan Shorter is a traditional fantasy artist and Children’s Book Illustrator. Susan has been a staff Illustrator for Author Solutions since 2007, and is reserved for working solely with the VIP authors. During her time with the company, she has illustrated over 500 books and numerous book covers as well as writing and illustrating two of her own, "Incredible Pebbles", and "It's a Muddy World". Her employment has enabled her to comfortably separate her passions by being able to apply her knowledge of cartooning and sequential story-telling by day, and then be able to channel her deep passion for more realistic and fantasy work in her own time.

"In my personal art, I love riding the line of realism and fantasy. My work tends to have dreamlike themes and organic lines, with nature often being a predominant element, which I think harkens back to growing up in a picturesque rural area. With my history in story-telling, I love implying there is something more going on than what you see. I love the idea of people creating a whole narrative based on the one image I have provided for them. I find working in pencil to be the most natural for me. I especially enjoy working on toned paper where I can play with both the light and the dark tones. With my other love being watercolor. It is such an expressive medium, and I feel it easily portrays the more dreamlike mood I like to have present in my work. 

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I only take on a few commissions a year. However, if project comes along that is a good fit, and I have the room in my schedule I would absolutely love to talk to you about it.

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