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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Tempest - Maple Print

ARTIST: M'fanwy Dean
PRICE: $196.00

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Title: Tempest - Maple Print
Price: $196.00
Tags: Landscape, Personal Work, Prints


14" x 11" Print on Maple
Also available as a custom life sized print - contact me for inquiries.

The Original design was hand carved into a 28.5” x 21.5” Maple Panel.

This is a quality print reproduction on Maple. Each print I receive from the printers, is then lovingly hand painted to make the edges black, and title and artist name written on the back by hand.

Due to the unique quality of printing on wood, each print is influenced by the grain on the wood on which it’s printed, therefore every print is individual and unique. Expect slight differences in color and texture based on the panel its printed on.