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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Shaper's Creations Advertising Prints

ARTIST: Christopher Burdett
PRICE: $50.00

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Title: Shaper's Creations Advertising Prints
Price: $50.00
Tags: Creature, Drawings, Fantasy, Illustration, Personal Work, Prints


Shaper's Creations Advertising Prints

These 12" x 18" signed and numbered prints are limited to editions of 25. Each print has been distressed, marked, stamped, and assembled by hand, making each print a unique piece. Also, each print has been scented to match the description in The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia.

The prints are available individually or as a set of three at a reduced price.

These prints are a collaboration between my wife, Achsa Nute, and myself. You can learn more about this piece on my blog if you are interested.

Please contact me with any questions.