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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Greg & Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years, Slipcase Edition

ARTIST: Greg Hildebrandt
PRICE: $150.00   $100.00


Title: Greg & Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years, Slipcase Edition
Price: $150.00   $100.00
Tags: Books, Fantasy, Lord of the Rings


Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
The Tolkien Year‚

Published in 2001.
132 Full Color Pages

About this book…
This fabulous art book has all of the Hildebrandt's Tolkien art from their three calendars published in 1976, 1977 and 1978. It has all of their Tolkien finished sketches, concept sketches and rough sketches that have survived the decades since the first calendar was published. This includes dozens of photos of their posing sessions in the seventies, so you can see the magic happen from beginning to end!

The fun-filled wonderful text is written by Greg Hildebrandt, Junior. It is seen through his eyes as a child remembering back to 5, 6 and 7 years old when he posed for all the Hobbits in his Dad’s and Uncle Tim's calendar art.

There are dozens of quotes from Greg and Tim. Some are funny and some are technical. All are worth reading.

The back section of the book has all of the Brothers Hildebrandt Tolkien art done since 1978. This includes their chess set designs, magazine covers and commissioned artwork.

• Limited to 1,000 copies – all hand signed, all hand numbered
• First edition, fi