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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Courtly Beasts Tarot: The Fool

ARTIST: Matthew Spencer
PRICE: $20.00


Title: Courtly Beasts Tarot: The Fool
Price: $20.00
Tags: Animals, Fantasy, Illustration, Personal Work, Prints


8"x12" print

Our Fool steps out into an open meadow, a vulnerable position compared to the shelter of the forest, but he strides forward anyway. He continues ahead from the braided path into unknown territory. His accompanied by a lark, serenading him on to new beginnings.

The Courtly Beasts Tarot is intended to be a deck that draws loosely from the imagery of the classic Rider-Waite illustrations but creates a world of its own through the use of anthropomorphic animals cast in the archetypal roles, historically inspired costume, and lush environments. Each card is another step in the journey.