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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Courtly Beasts Tarot: The Magician

ARTIST: Matthew Spencer
PRICE: $20.00


Title: Courtly Beasts Tarot: The Magician
Price: $20.00
Tags: Animals, Fantasy, Illustration, Personal Work, Prints


8"x12" Print

The Magician stands in a stone pavilion at dawn, surrounded by his tools. With a full day ahead of him, and all his resources at his disposal, he has the ability and the drive to bring his goals into being. The structure and the blooming flora around him are physical evidence of his will made manifest, his thoughts and preparation come to fruition.

The Courtly Beasts Tarot is intended to be a deck that draws loosely from the imagery of the classic Rider-Waite illustrations but creates a world of its own through the use of anthropomorphic animals cast in the archetypal roles, historically inspired costume, and lush environments. Each card is another step in the journey.