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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Metis & the Birth of Creativity- framed giclee on canvas

ARTIST: Tom Fleming
PRICE: $225.00


Title: Metis & the Birth of Creativity- framed giclee on canvas
Price: $225.00
Tags: Fantasy, Illustration, Mythology, Personal Work, Prints


Zeus' first love, a goddess and the mother of deep creative thought. Metis represented wisdom to the ancients. Plato credited Metis with the dawning of "creative ingenuity". A beautiful representation of that mythical genesis. Custom framed giclees 6" x 32" on canvas produced directly from the award winning art work of artist Tom Fleming. Because of the unique dimensions of these pieces, they fit in areas of your house where you normally wouldn't be able to hang a significant inspirational piece! These works of art are meant to stimulate the spirit and the heart not just the eyes. Perfect for hanging in your yoga studio, living area, or office.