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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Star Wars Blood Oath

ARTIST: Dave Seeley
PRICE: $5,400.00   $5,200.00

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Title: Star Wars Blood Oath
Mediums: Oils
Status: Published Art
Price: $5,400.00   $5,200.00
Tags: Books, Fantasy, Illustration, Science Fiction, Space Art, Star Wars


Star Wars Blood Oath (Zekk, with twins Taryn and Trysta Zel) - Elaine Cunningham - Del Rey/Lucasfilm - oil on canvas 22" x 36"...black enamel frame - $5400

This book was show on Star Wars First Look, and published in The Art of Dave Seeley with the permission of Lucasfilm, but subsequently the novel was canceled after the artwork was completed and approved.  Not sure why, but I believe it was a problem w the manuscript.  The image was art directed to have more of a romance feel, because it was aimed at a female audience.  The popular hero, Zek, is romantically involved with one of the twin Zel sisters.

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Dave Seeley
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