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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Unicorn Horns - Classic Colors

ARTIST: JD Donnelly
PRICE: $50.00

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Title: Unicorn Horns - Classic Colors
Mediums: Resin, , Sculpture
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $50.00
Tags: Creature, Fantasy, Personal Work, Sculpture


Ethically sourced unicorn horns!

Unlike deer bucks that shed their antlers after the fall rut, both male and female unicorns shed their horns once the weather begins to warm at the end of winter, and it’s their shed horns that break down and bloom into the first flowers of spring. The horns grow back on the unicorns themselves in a matter of days, and flowers germinate even quicker, so it takes a diligent mythologist to track a unicorn and gather shedded horns before they seed.

Made-to-Order resin-cast unicorn horn sculpture. Lightweight and durable, would be a great prop, cosplay/costume item, or display piece. (Display stand not included)

12.5 inches in length.

You can pick of 6 colors--Gold, Antique Silver, Mist Silver, Copper, Ivory, and Ink.

Please allow up to 30 days for your product to be crafted and shipped.