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ARTIST: Tiffany Toland-Scott
PRICE: $5,000.00   $3,499.00

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Title: Gaia Rampant
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $5,000.00   $3,499.00
Tags: Fantasy, Illustration, Mythology, Nude, Paintings, Personal Work, Space Art


This is an original 24”x48” oil painting on canvas - my largest painting to date. She is gallery-wrapped and the sides are painted black, so you do not need to frame this piece. She has hanging hardware attached and is ready-to-hang.

This is my interpretation of the Egyptian goddess Nut (pronounced newt) - the goddess of the sky, celestial bodies, mothers, astronomy, and the universe. She was often depicted as a nude woman covered in stars and arching protectively over the Earth. I wanted to paint her in a way that conveyed our human connection to space and our long history of fascination with the heavens. Earlier this year (2019) I spent a day at the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and it reminded me of my childhood fascination with space. It isn’t something I often paint these days, even though I painted space scenes a lot as a child. We’re so fortunate that we live in a time where we no longer have to look to the sky and wonder, instead we have libraries of thousands of photographs to help us fill in the blanks.

Price includes special shipping considerations and heavy-duty packaging.