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ARTIST: Scott Hutchison
PRICE: $4,000.00

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Title: Armor
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $4,000.00
Tags: Nude, Paintings, Personal Work


Medium: Oil Painting on Linen
Size: 25" x 29"
Signature on reverse


The constrained nature of the figure is meant to reflect what it feels like in isolation, to desire connection and feel safe. The figure depicted here may be trapped, or constrained by the boarder of the picture plane, but the life within him is remains vibrant and full of potential.

I started this before the shutdown and all the political unrest in 2020. I mention this, because when it comes to my art, the message is never overtly political. Some may see this piece that way and that’s fine. It truly is in the eye of the beholder.

What I strive to do, is create an open ended story shrouded in a little mystery. That way, the work can have multiple meanings for now and in the future. Who knows the impact it will have a year or 20 years from now?

As with all my work, I abstract the human form and reorganize the human body, using multiple viewpoints of the model. This painting contains six - seven different views of multiple models. She isn't meant to represent one person, or one moment in time, she a sequence and an idea that we are comprised of many experiences."


Purchases of my work made through scotthutchison.comARSY or PXP Contemporary, come from me personally. I take great care to ship all of my artwork in a secure manner so that it arrives to wherever in the world it needs to go safely and undamaged. 


Paintings and Framed Drawings are shipped in a custom box or crate. All of the work is shipped Fedex or USPS, depending on the weight and type of package. It will be insured, tracked and may require someone to be there to sign for the package upon delivery.   I will NEVER ship my paintings and drawings rolled up in a tube. Sold work will ALWAYS be shipped flat and wrapped in the appropriate shipping materials to protect the piece from water damage, smudging of the surface during shipment. I care about my work and I want it to arrive safely into your hands.