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ARTWORK FOR SALE: A Wish Upon The Gentle Breeze

ARTIST: Kremena Chipilova
PRICE: $1,300.00

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Full Painting

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Title: A Wish Upon The Gentle Breeze
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $1,300.00
Tags: Books, Faerie Art, Fantasy, Illustration, Landscape, Mythology, Paintings, Personal Work, Prints, Small Works


If you want to own this original painting, get in touch at [email protected]

This painting was honored with a Bronze award in the traditional media category in Infected By Art 9.

Size: 9x12 inches (23x30cm) without the frame.

This painting was inspired by a Slavic fairy tale called "The Spirit of the Steppes". A section of it is similar to the "Sleeping Beauty" story, but it is more sinister, and has larger scope overall. Abandoned on a deserted island, raised by the elements of nature, the anguished hope of the young maid seeking her way out of the Sleeping Palace echoes from the pages.

"Gentle Breezelet, soul of air,
Look not lightly on my pain;
Kindly lift me from despair,
Help me freedom to regain."