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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Stagecoach of Seven Sins

ARTIST: Kelley Hensing
PRICE: $2,000.00

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Additional Images:

A proud look, (raven) a false whitness (rider), sowers of discord (monkeys)

swift to evil (horse)

A lying tongue, (woman with smoking flowers) a wicked heart (lady passenger)

A killer (lurking figure)


Title: The Stagecoach of Seven Sins
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $2,000.00
Tags: Paintings, Dark Art, Fantasy, Landscape


*New Painting*
Piece measures 22 x 30
Oil on birch wood
Dark wood frame [*custom ordered and should be arriving shortly]
The Stagecoach of Seven Sins:
-a proud look (raven)
-a lying tongue (woman with basket of smouldering flowers)
-a killer (figure with knife lurking in trees)
-a wicked heart (red dress beauty, passenger)
-swift to evil (horse)
-false witness (rider)
-sower of discord (monkeys)
[Proverbs 6:16-19]

Shipping based on location, to US/Canada only at this time.
To purchase email me direct~