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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Masque of the Red Death

ARTIST: Joanna Barnum
PRICE: $4,500.00   $3,900.00


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Title: Masque of the Red Death
Mediums: Watercolor
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $4,500.00   $3,900.00
Tags: Dark Art, Paintings, Personal Work


watercolor on paper
about 22” x 44”, 2020

Currently unframed, but framing is negotiable

Note that the painting currently includes about 1/2” extra margin all around the edges that is distressed, with staple holes through it, from the process used to temporarily mount the paper while painting. It is not intended as part of the finished painting. Upon request, I can neatly trim this off, but I have left it in tact to allow for maximum flexibility when framing. Your framer can hide this edge underneath a mat, or trim the painting to exact size when framing with spacers instead of a mat.

This painting will be rolled inside of a large sturdy tube for shipping if shipped unframed.

Also available as a limited edition print.
Also available as a game mat.

Free shipping on all US orders. I am based in Abingdon, Maryland, 21009 if you would like to make arrangements for in person pickup or delivery.

Please contact me for a custom shipping quote for international orders of originals.