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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Thistle Bee - Little Autumn Bulbkin Shelf Sitter

ARTIST: Erica Frank
PRICE: $60.00

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Title: Thistle Bee - Little Autumn Bulbkin Shelf Sitter
Mediums: Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $60.00
Tags: Fantasy, Personal Work, Sculpture


Just for the Fall Season, and with limited availability - our Autumn Thistlebee shelf sitter will be made specially for you, in shades for the season - the Thistlebee you see here is just an example.  Yours will be just as beautifully made, each one slightly different, but in a similar seasonal color scheme.  Your Autumn Thistlebee will be about 4" high,  plus his flower crown,  and we expect availability to run out before the end of Fall . . . so please place your order as soon as possible!