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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Sneezewart and Fanny Bright - Tunic Puppet Set

ARTIST: Erica Frank
PRICE: $250.00

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Title: Sneezewart and Fanny Bright - Tunic Puppet Set
Mediums: Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $250.00
Tags: Personal Work, Sculpture


Here I've made a unique pairing of a midling and little size tunic puppet, perfect for creating a magical "kin" grouping!  Decked out in handsome shades of gold patterned vintage silk sari fabric, these two bulbkin puppets are sure to brighten your day!  Hand-crafted and sewn by me, each is a one-of-a-kind fully functional standing puppet standing on its own oak stained base - with a hand-cast head and unique patterned tunic, and movable hands and feet. The hands, feet and head are hand-cast from special materials that are durable and lightweight.  Each "duo" is unique and the figures cannot be sold separately (besides, these old friends would be terribly sad to be parted!)