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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Isotelus maximus

ARTIST: James Herrmann
PRICE: $2,100.00

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Title: Isotelus maximus
Mediums: Bronze, , Sculpture, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $2,100.00
Tags: Animals, Classical Realism, Creature, Paleoart, Personal Work, Sculpture


Medium – Cast bronze on a marble base
Dimensions – 9"H X 12"W X 8"D
Limited edition of 25 • Price $2,100
Trilobites were a diverse group of arthropods that became extinct in the late Paleozoic. They are common fossils found in rocks from the Ordovician Period. This piece includes two species of trilobites. The bottom of the sculpture is a cast taken from a piece of fossiliferous limestone to which I added casts of a small trilobite, Flexicalymene meeki. Rising off of and dominating this piece is Isotelus maximus. Isotelus maximus was one of the largest trilobites that ever lived, reaching lengths of almost two feet. Based on research that I did prior to starting this work, I also sculpted the ventral morphology of this Trilobite in some detail, including the hypostome, gills, ventral segmenation, antenna and legs. I have seen many fossils of this organism; it is fun to see how they may have looked in life. I finished this piece with a richly mottled patina that adds an additional element of realism. It compares favorably with living horseshoe crabs.