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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Oliver the Jester

ARTIST: Rebecca Smith


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Title: Oliver the Jester
Mediums: Sculpture, , Resin
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: SOLD
Tags: Dark Art, Personal Work, Sculpture


Oliver comes from a long line of jestering and amongst his family, are some of the best. Unfortunately, he is not one of them. 
Poor Oliver tries his best to live up to his families reputation, but he is sorely a disappointment.
His jokes are as flat as his two left feet and his juggling can be considered as dangerous. He can often be seen fleeing for his life from rowdy court gatherings.
As you can imagine, poor old Oliver doesn't keep a job long, before he has to make his exit and seek new employment. 
Oliver is fully sculpted in epoxy clay and hand painted. He stands at 29 inches tall