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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Knight of Wands

ARTIST: Margaret Organ-Kean

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Title: Knight of Wands
Mediums: Watercolor
Status: Published Art
Price: SOLD
Tags: Paintings, Personal Work, Small Works


4.5" x 6.5"
Price includes shipping via USPS 2nd Day Priority
From the set Useful Cards

I had a collector trying to buy the last of some of my Magic proofs from me. I told him I couldn't say for sure if these were the last of the proofs, as I had well, used them for things, like bookmarks, and I had somewhere around 3000 to 4000 books and I wasn't going to look at all of those books to make sure I hadn't left a proof in them (as it was, later on one did turn up in a book.

That gave me the idea for â€‹Useful Cards​. You can use them for bookmarks, collect them, use them as game markers, play Old Maid or Go Fish, as fortune-telling cards or as idea generators. Since I keep them in print, you can replace them as you need to.

Knight of Wands (aka Jack of Clubs) is one of the latest additions(2019) to the set. This is the original art.