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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Wind in the Waves enlargement

ARTIST: Colin and Kristine Poole
PRICE: $34,000.00   $28,000.00

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Title: Wind in the Waves enlargement
Mediums: Bronze
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $34,000.00   $28,000.00
Tags: Creature, Mythology, Personal Work, Sculpture, Siren/Mermaid


This 4 foot tall enlargement of Colin's "Wind in the Waves" will be the perfect addition to any outdoor/ landscape/ courtyard/ water feature installation or as the centerpiece to an interior room.
Here you see the sculpture in oil-based clay. The final version will be cast in bronze and each sculpture in the small edition will have a unique patina and will be customized  in the wax stage for the client through direct conversations.
Currently in the finishing stages of sculpting, we will be starting the moldmaking process shortly.
For a short time, prior to the sculpture going through the bronze casting process, this Wind in the Waves enlargement is available for a pre-cast price.
Please contact us for any questions or to arrange a video call to learn more about the customizations available and to see the Wind in the Waves sculpture in detail prior to her being covered in mold making materials.