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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Portal into the fairy realm - Nature v Nurture series

ARTIST: Linda Ehrenfried
PRICE: $225.00

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Additional Images:

second wood nymph -portal

side view Portal

Guardian troll

back side of the portal


Title: Portal into the fairy realm - Nature v Nurture series
Mediums: Clay, , Mixed Media, , Sculpture
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $225.00
Tags: Creature, Fantasy, Sculpture, Small Works


This piece is one of a kind. Every proper myth or legend features a door, gateway, mirror or other device such as a key acting as a portal to another dimension of reality, plain of existence in a faraway realm or an alternate universe entirely. This is my interpretation of one such portal. The wood piece was a perfectly sliced knothole from an actual oak tree. It was dried in my sun box for many seasons and preserved for this purpose. I envisioned this very large troll with his arms draped on either side of the portal just out of the view of those outside looking in, ever watching and guarding the way to their realm. There are two dryad wood nymphs also waiting and watching just inside hoping to lure some unsuspecting creature inside. I hope this piece inspires your imagination as to what the other side of this portal might look like. I have left the original exterior of the knot intact other than sealing it and sculpted the characters on the cut side using creative paper clay. It is all hand-painted with acrylic paint and then sealed. Thank you for coming and looking at my work. The piece is about 13 inches tall including the base and is 7 inches wide.