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ARTIST: Colin and Kristine Poole
PRICE: $9,500.00   $8,900.00

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Title: St. Palli Grrl
Mediums: Clay, , Airbrush
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $9,500.00   $8,900.00
Tags: Nude, Personal Work, Sculpture


St. Palli Grrl, 30"x 16"x 16", Polychromed fired clay

St. Palli Grrl, 30"x 16"x 16", Polychromed fired clay

Much of my personal work deals with the experiences and stories of women layered with the power words have to shape the realities we live in. What we say and who we say it to (including ourselves) can have a profound effect on our experience in reality.

With many pieces, my focus is on telling the story simply through the figure itself, but just as frequently, I use the form as a canvas. I often cover the body with text, juxtaposing a visceral reaction to the subtleties of body language with a time-based, cerebral response to this power words have.

St. Palli Grrl was inspired by the strength of women I’ve known who move through life with confidence, grace and panache. She combines the body language of this inner self assurance with graffiti motifs complementing her attitude. Created in the style of street art, the words are those of empowerment, such as “self strong,” “free 2B me,” “stand my ground” and “audacious.”

A third language layer is incorporated through her energetic expression of mudra. Her right hand is in the “Palli Mudra,” a symbol of inner strength, self-confidence and trusting your inner voice.

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