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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Hairy Man (Forest Sage)

ARTIST: Liz Danforth

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The Hairy Man (Forest Sage), ink version


Title: The Hairy Man (Forest Sage)
Mediums: Acrylic
Status: Published Art
Price: SOLD
Tags: Faerie Art, Fantasy, Illustration, Paintings, Creature, Dark Art, RPG Artwork, Small Works, Swords & Sorcery


Acrylic on masonite, 12' x 15" (appx 30.5 x 38 cm).

Image created for color edition of Deluxe "Elven Lords" solitaire adventure for Flying Buffalo's Tunnels & Trolls RPG. In the adventure, written by NYT bestselling author Michael Stackpole, a creature of the forest forecasts your future... or your doom.

The book was released in two editions -- one with B&W interiors, one with color versions of the same art. This was one of the painted color versions of the B&W line art (available here separately).

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Liz Danforth
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