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ARTWORK FOR SALE: An Orc in the Shire

ARTIST: Mark Zug
PRICE: $8,500.00

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Additional Images:

An Orc in the Shire, detail 1

An Orc in the Shire, detail 2


Title: An Orc in the Shire
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $8,500.00
Tags: Animals, Classical Realism, Epic Works, Fantasy, Landscape, Lord of the Rings, Paintings, Personal Work


A glimpse into the alternate Middle-Earth I broached in the painting Sands of Gorgoroth. What if a rootless Orc, the inveterate nomad, wandered far and wide enough to show up in the Shire? What would the locals at the Floating Log think? The village of Frogmorton lies right along the East Road, portal to the Old Forest as well as the darkly exoticized lands beyond. And what if the Orc with his fiendish crossbow bagged the odd coney along his path, and enjoyed a smoke of whatever Eastern equivalent of pipe-weed he possessed? Might he, the barbarian resplendent, and the settled, house-proud inn-owner find their commonalities after all?