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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Small originals - Stars serie 1 #3 - SOLD

ARTIST: So  Klesen
PRICE: $16.00

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Title: Small originals - Stars serie 1 #3 - SOLD
Mediums: Acrylic, , Gouache, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $16.00
Tags: Paintings, Personal Work, Small Works


Hand painted and signed star in paper maché, one of a kind with two different patterns, in a хохлома (khokhloma) style of painting with golden flowers and leaves !
Each star is different and comes with a multicolour tassel.
Serie 1 is the first I made, they have very vivid colours. They are a bit “rougher” than my traditional paintings, I really dig the overall look.
They can be used as a Xmas tree ornaments, they look good in there!  or as good luck charms all year long.
This star has two sides with traditional strawberry patterns in very bright greens, oranges and reds.
For extra durability, the stars are coated with an anti UV satin varnish but they still are painted on paper maché so, store them accordingly :)
Size is more or less 6cm wide, 1cm thick and tassel is 8cm long.