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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Fossa & Lillies

ARTIST: Shawn E Russell
PRICE: $250.00

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Title: Fossa & Lillies
Mediums: Graphite Pencil
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $250.00
Tags: Animals, Creature, Drawings, Fantasy, Illustration, Personal Work


Fossa are an amazing and unique animal endemic to the isolated island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa home to many species found no where else in the world. Resembling a cat, dog, and mongoose all at the same time, it’s thought to be descended from mongoose colonizing the island 20 million years ago. The Fossa grows to 6 feet long, with nearly half of its length made up by its tail. Named for its ferocity, the Fossa is the largest predatory mammal found on Madagascar, and it’s the top predator.

Pencil on paper
6 x 7.5 inches