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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Who Goes There Original Oil Painting

ARTIST: David Hoffrichter
PRICE: $1,100.00

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Title: Who Goes There Original Oil Painting
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $1,100.00
Tags: Classical Realism, Epic Works, Fantasy, Illustration, Paintings, Personal Work, Swords & Sorcery


"The noise from outside worried the soldier, coming out of the light from inside the manor into the darkness of night, the sound stopped as soon as the man stepped foot outside, a silence spread across the alleyway... Waiting for him. The guard drew his sword. Prepparing for battle."

This painting is 24"x30" and is a theme which I love. Painted in Oils it would be perfect for the fantasy role playing person in your life.

This painting comes unframed if purchased online. It is also Linen on canvas, stretched on strecher bars