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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Celtic Tranquility Mermaid 16 x 20 resin and acrylic

ARTIST: Linda Ehrenfried
PRICE: $200.00

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closeup without flash

just mermaid with flash


Title: Celtic Tranquility Mermaid 16 x 20 resin and acrylic
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $200.00
Tags: Fantasy, Sculpture, Siren/Mermaid, Paintings


This mixed media painting features an Abstract, manipulated, acrylic pour with a raised 2D resin casting of a floating mermaid, part in and part out of the water that I molded and cast from my original polymer clay hand-sculpted mermaid that I then painted to match the colors of this painting. It is hand-embellished with Celtic knotwork via stencils using a gold metallic and a black acrylic paint pen. All of which is then sealed with a spray gloss varnish. This is all experimental for me I hope you enjoy the paintings. The canvas is 16 x 20. Shipping will be included but I can only ship inside the US right now. If you have questions please contact me at [email protected]