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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Golden haired mermaid 10 x 20 acrylic mixed media

ARTIST: Linda Ehrenfried
PRICE: $200.00

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Additional Images:

Golden haired mermaid

2D mermaid acrylic pour LindaE


Title: Golden haired mermaid 10 x 20 acrylic mixed media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $200.00
Tags: Nude, Paintings, Sculpture, Siren/Mermaid


This is a mixed media painting. It is an abstract acrylic pour with an imbedded 2d resin casting of my original polymer clay sculpt, hand painted, also with acrylic, and sealed with gloss varnish. When we float in water only part of our body is visible so only the head, upper torso, and tail section the resin and they are also painted with acrylic. Each is unique as both the pour and the finished paint job on the mermaid changes with each new piece. There are 2 others available as well.
COMMISSIONS: I will be open to commissions also if you would like custom colors for the pour or the paint on the mermaid. I am also sculpting new embedment pieces for future projects.