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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Infinite Chamber

ARTIST: Canyon Greene
PRICE: $550.00

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Title: Infinite Chamber
Mediums: Watercolor
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $550.00
Tags: Illustration, Landscape, Paintings, Personal Work, Science Fiction


“Aerishgil sat unmoved for an hour now, staring into the pit beneath her. At times her brow would furrow and her eyes would refocus into the darkness, trying to make something out. It was as if she could hear something. Some time later she got up, slowly backing away from the pit, never once moving her eyes from the sight of its depths. A tension had built in the air. Perhaps it was best to forget about this room. For now at least.

//Aerishgil - Presence

This artwork 1s approximately 9"x12", it comes sleeved on a backing board.